Ultraceuticals launches their Real Visible Results in 90 Days campaign

Ultraceuticals Real Visible Resutls in 90 Days
Each year, from February to April, Ultraceuticals Australia launches their Real Visible Results in 90 Days campaign. Designed to showcase the effectiveness of the brand’s specialist skincare range, the campaign encourages clients to feel comfortable in the skin they’re in.

“The RVR90™ campaign is created to show people that through a committed treatment and homecare program, real visible results can be achieved using scientifically efficacious ingredients that actually do work,” says Adrian J De Brock, Public Relations Manager at Ultraceauticals.

“And through documenting the progress via facial imaging, results over the 90 days speak for themselves.”

The process involves three simple steps:

1. Identify your client’s core skin concern. Select a serum to treat their concern from the Ultraceauticals range– fine lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness, acne and congestion and coarse texture and dull skin tone.

2. You then need to select a pack to suit your client’s skin type – choose from the Oily/Normal or Dry/Normal pack.

3. Prescribe a complete treatment and home care plan to accelerate your client’s journey.

Ultraceuticals Real Visible Resutls in 90 Days“Clinics are provided with detailed booklets to document their customer’s skin journey over the 90 days including before and after pictures that showcases their progress throughout the program,” Adrian tells us.

“Ultraceuticals run a salon competition at the end of the program which encourages salons and clinics to send in their most outstanding customer results for a chance to win great prizes.”

Ultimately, a person’s skin journey is made up of a combination of homecare and in clinic treatments. Ultraceuticals founder Dr. Heber believes 70% of outstanding skincare results are created through a homecare regime, while the remaining percentage is accomplished through in-clinic treatments.

“Ultraceuticals has a vision to empower people with inner-confidence by achieving their best skin,” says Adrian. “Real is the new beautiful and Ultraceuticals want a chain reaction of skin believers to get the conversation started, unite as a community by sharing their skin journey and to give Ultraceuticals 90 days to transform their skin.”

Ultraceuticals Real Visible Resutls in 90 Days

Dr. Herber was inspired to create the RVR90 campaign to cut through the over-promised industry hype and create a program that allowed customers to see their real results via high-tech facial imaging devices.

Herber found that the results were exceedingly more noticeable by documenting them over three months rather than a client regularly assesses their face in the bathroom mirror every morning.

“Ultraceuticals has a reputation of having outstanding before and after transformation pictures from its clinical trials, so it made sense to extend this even further into mainstream markets,” Adrian tells us.

“There is still a lot more education needed around skin health and through this campaign, we hope to raise more awareness around skin concerns and how they can be effectively treated through scientifically proven products.”

Images courtesy of Ultraceuticals and Sarah Sayers


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