Be warned: reading this will almost certainly make you want to throw in the towel at your salon and take to your webcam…

We all knew the top beauty bloggers earned a lot. Many of us have lost countless hours swooning over their enviable makeup stashes and disproportionately huge array of designer items on YouTube and Instagram.

But you may be shocked – scratch that – horrified to learn just how much the world’s most elite beauty bloggers are pulling in per month once you factor in their lucrative contracts with major beauty brands, book deals, advertising campaigns and even merchandise. It’s enough to make any beauty professional reevaluate her existence. Here’s what the beauty blogging A-class are raking in…

10. Platica Polenisia

$14,520.32 per month

9. Promise Tamang

$14,758.91 per month

8. Michelle Phan

$15,407.12 per month

7. Bethany Mota

$15,781.95 per month

6. Meg DeAngelis

$17,357.75 per month

5. Rachel Levin

$20,960.11 per month

4. Mindy McKnight

$21,078.03 per month

3. Zoe Sugg

$27,374.65 per month

2. Rachel ‘Bunny’ Meyer

$32,291.73 per month

1. Mariand Castrejon

$41,475.73 per month

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