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Prepare to raise your brows, because it’s not contouring or over-lined lips topping the list of the biggest beauty trend of now, despite the Kardashian family’s best efforts.

You might want to thank the likes of Cara Delevingne for what’s been named the biggest beauty trend of the decade: the power brow. Well, power brows, to be more accurate, as most of us have two of them (not to discount our mono-browed friends).

Bold eyebrows topped the list of beauty trends of the decade in a new survey by British beauty association Babtac, of 2,844 women, from 18 to 73 years old.

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Sixty-seven per cent of survey participants voted heavy eyebrows when asked to name their favourite trend of the past ten years, followed by contouring at 63 per cent (Kim can breathe a sigh of relief). Dark berry coloured lips, bright red lips and the smoky eye all also made the top five.

Respondents submitted their own answers or selected multiple answers from a list of beauty trends.

Dark berry lips made number three on the list. (Source:

After giving their answers, the women were then asked to reveal how they learned to recreate their much-loved beauty look, to which 79 per cent admitted to learning through trial and error and 59 per cent spilled they picked up tricks from watching online beauty tutorials on YouTube.

Only one in five of the women said they’d picked up their makeup tricks from friends or family members, and, thankfully, there was no mention of Kim Kardashian’s other famed beauty trick, the ‘bumcial’, in sight. 

The top 10 beauty trends of the past decade

1. Heavy eyebrows 
2. Contouring 
3. Dark berry coloured lips 
4. Pin-up red lips 
5. Smoky eyes 
6. Winged eyeliner 
7. Glossy lips 
8. Nude lips 
9. Pencilled beauty spots 
10. Natural look 

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