The most popular salon name has been revealed

The Beauty Box is the most popular salon name in the UK, according to a study of over 27,000 registered hairdressing and beauty businesses.

Esme Loans analysed a list of 27,323 hairdressing and beauty businesses to discover that 134 businesses were named The Beauty Box.

The second most popular name was Hollywood Nails with 102 businesses using the name, followed by Cutting Edge (96 businesses), House of Hair (77 businesses) and Mirror Mirror (48 businesses).

According to the company, choosing the right business name can be critical to success.

“Business names have the power to entice customers in, or discourage them from using a service or product.

Salons called ‘The Beauty Box’ in the UK

“Therefore, it’s important to choose a catchy name that maximises the potential of your business and leaves a positive but lasting impression on your customers.”

“In 2017, a survey revealed that 71 percent of consumers were more likely to buy a product or choose a service from a business name they recognised while another study that looked at the relationship between branding and consumers suggests that brand names that include the service or product the business offers has more of a positive effect on the consumer.

“With that in mind, it’s easy to see why many businesses choose popular names that have often been used before.”

Apart from researching the most popular hair and beauty salon names in the UK, Esme Loans also analysed lists of registered businesses to discover the most popular names for takeaways, fish and chip shops, cafes, garden and landscape businesses, driving schools, pet shops and services, and photography businesses in the UK.

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