Thalgo Ambassador Sets New Record

Thalgo ambassador Aurore Asso recently set a new record for France, diving 82 metres in a single breath.

It wasn’t just the spectators holding their breath at the recent Vertical Blue international free-diving competition in December.

Thalgo ambassador and French Apnea champion Aurore Asso was holding tight too, as she broke the French record, reaching a depth of 82 metres in a single breath.

The elite diver came equal third overall in constant weight with Japan’s Hanako Hirose in the competition in Dean’s Blue Hole in Long Island, which brings the world’s greatest diving champions together each year.

“This 82 metres dive was the deepest, but also the most intensely emotional, that I have ever experienced,” said Asso.

“My fear of the dark gradually changed over time with the dives, in tranquillity, privacy and deep meditation. Ultimately darkness calls for better concentration and letting go, which allows for a better compensation technique.”

As a leading creator of marine cosmetics, the partnership with Asso was a natural decision for Thalgo, who have been committed to the preservation of the oceans since their launch, over 50 years ago.

Asso accomplishes world exploits and documentaries to carry the voice of her commitment to the protection of marine resources.

The constant weight is her favourite discipline, with the ripple movement of the monofin allowing Asso to get close to marine mammals.


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