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Renowned Australian skin professional Melanie Grant has established boutique skin studios in Sydney, Melbourne and Los Angeles along with hosting seasonal residences in Paris. The Sydneysider who was announced as Chanel Australia’s first official skin expert in 2016 shares her tips on creating the ultimate salon interior.

Tell us how you would sum up the ambience of your Melanie Grant salon?

“My LA studio encapsulates the overall feel and aesthetic of a contemporary Parisian apartment. The most fundamental aspect across all of my studios is that clients are able to feel at home in an intimate, warm and welcoming space. In fact, this ethos was one of the catalysts for the conception of MELANIE GRANT SKIN, as I was unable to find a space with a similar offering. It’s essential that my clients enjoy a relaxing, pleasant and collaborative experience, rather than a transactional one. An at-home feel is equally as important for myself and my team, as the studio really is a second home to us all.”

How often do you refresh the design?

“The design of the studio is constantly evolving, changing and maturing. Throughout my frequent travels and constant interactions with clients from all walks of life, I am fortunate enough to constantly encounter unique and invigorating sources of inspiration and influence. As such, I am perpetually (and incidentally) evolving and refreshing the design of the studios, whether this is through the interiors, the artwork or staff uniforms (which we have recently had redesigned by Albus Lumen).”

What is the most important part when creating an interior? 

“Being a service-based space, the functionality of the studio is obviously a key priority from the beginning. Aside from the practicality of the space, for me, the most important aspect of design lies within the detailing to ensure my desire to create an intimate space is well-executed. As an example, in Los Angeles we forewent the inclusion of a point of sale as to offer clients a highly personable experience with an at-home feel.”

Where do you find the salon interior inspiration? 

“Interior design is my second passion and I am constantly inspired everywhere I go. Personally, I love French, Italian and German design. In fact, all of the furniture in the LA studio is sourced from either France or Italy”.

What’s your fave part of the salon? 

“It’s hard to narrow it down to a specific section of the studio as the entire space feels like home. I do love the reception areas in all of my studios and of course the treatment rooms. In LA I love our bathroom – complete with a freestanding tub packed full of Chanel bath and body products.”

Any favourite design features? 

“Probably the mirrored staircase in our LA studio and the product discovery room in our Melbourne Studio.”

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