A UK based nail polish subscription service is offering over $70,000 to test and review nail polish and accessories.

British beauty start-up company Nailbox is drawing major attention for its highly unusual marketing technique.

The nail subscription service has put a call out to its clients offering £35,000, which equates to $71,536 in Aussie dollars, for the privilege of applying and photographing themselves wearing nail polish in the role of official ‘nail tester’.

The company says it is looking for someone who is “genuinely interested in beauty and nails, based in the UK, has a critical eye, keeps up with new fashion and is a trendsetter” with “well maintained hands and nails.” Er…where do we sign up?

But there’s more to this gig than meets the eye.

For instance, the victor of the ‘nail tester’ search will be expected to trial, photograph and review 50 nail polishes a month. That’s two nail polishes every single day, including weekends, so you may not get time to test how each polish stacks up when it comes to staying power. And you’re obviously be going to be going through nail polish remover like it’s a Sex & The City box set and you’ve got the day off work.

That being said, a buttload of free nail products and the smug factor of answering the question, “So, what do you do with yourself, Jill?” with, “Well, I’m a nail tester” is reason enough for most of us to overlook the cons of this job.

Oh yeah, and did we mention there’s $70,000 in it too?

Now to start working on getting UK citizenship…

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