A skincare line featuring pure silk as an active ingredient has just gone on sale in Harrods department store in London.

The Silk Therapeutics anti-ageing range is based on activated liquid silk created from a protein found in silkworm cocoons.

The range, which promises “to renew, fortify and nourish the skin”, was created by biomedical engineers Dr Rebecca Horan and Dr Greg Altman who cofounded the US-based biotechnology company, Silk Therapeutics, three years ago.

According to Dr Altman, the Silk Therapeutics skincare line is “authentically clean” boasting minimal ingredients, “all selected for their proven, anti-ageing benefits”, and is safe for use on all skin types.

He explains that the company uses “an advanced, patented technological process to separate pure silk protein, known as fibroin, from its outer layer and returns it to a pure, stable liquid form”.

Silk Therapeutics founder Dr Greg Altman and Dr Rebecca Horan

“Silk is remarkably compatible with human skin, sharing the same 18 amino acids and a compatible protein structure.

“Furthermore the molecules are small enough to sink deeply into the skin, rather than just sit on top of it… and stimulate anti-ageing at a molecular level.”

He says that silk’s unique features and proven anti-ageing benefits challenge the industry’s current notion of “clean skincare”.

“Activated liquid silk delivers clinical-level results while replacing most ingredients and chemical fillers otherwise standard in the skincare industry.”

He stresses that Silk Therapeutics is currently the only skincare line on the market that is produced from unadulterated natural silk.

“We never use genetically modified silk, ‘sericin’ or ‘hydrolysed silk’ that you may see in other products.”