Here we reveal three of Redken's key hairstyles seen on the runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival.

The Beauty of Being Natural

“It is all about healthy, free-flowing radiant locks. While many women put increasing pressure on their bodies to be thin, we wanted to encapsulate the beauty of being natural, starting with lush, sexy hair. This wearable style is extremely feminine, allowing the girls to feel confident.” Redken Hair Director, Maria Ardino (Ardino Hair Face Body).

The Blend of an Era

Forget recreating the classic styles, this season is all about fusion. “For the Morrissey show, we wanted to take that 1940s structured wave and funk it up with a flat, almost plastic front. We made it a little edgier with a wet meets dry texture, similar to what we are seeing emerge from international runways.” Redken Hair Director, Jon Pulitano (Headcase Hair).

The Distinguished Silhouette

The signature look of the Festival; you guessed it ‘clean, cut, polished.’ “Designers love seeing that perfectly sleek silhouette take to the runway. Not only does the minimalistic ponytail transcend throughout different collections, but it is a style that consumers are confident to recreate.” Redken Hair Director, Maria Ardino (Ardino Hair Face Body).

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