Q&A with Dr Adam Fraser

Professional Beauty chats to Dr Adam Fraser, human performance researcher and consultant, about beauty businesses and the importance of ‘transition’.

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Dr Adam Fraser is a sought-after public speaker who specialises in helping organisations adopt a high performance culture to thrive in the business landscape. He will be speaking at the 2014 Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo Business Leaders Summit on August 23.

Briefly describe your career, how did you get to where you are today?
After I finished my PhD I started working with elite athletes and then the military. Following this, businesses started to ask me how I could help their employees perform better.

What have been some highlights?
I am currently working on a project with the Kuwaiti government to raise the happiness of the country of Kuwait. That is cool.  I also presented at the Dali Lama Happiness Conference – that was huge.

Challenges faced and how you overcome them?
With God being a presenter – so many, this is a very unusual job as everyday people publicly rate you and then you see that rating. The thing about being a presenter is that you can’t have a bad day or call in sick. I have presented with food poisoning, sprained ankles, broken ribs. You just have to suck it up and get on with it.

What are your main areas of interest and how is it relevant to salon owners/beauty professionals?
My main research focus is how we micro transition in our day. So how do we go from one interaction to another. For example, how do beauty professionals transition from one client to another, to show up at their best and to give mind blowing service every time.

Why should they listen to you speak at the summit? What will they get out of it?
They will learn how to transition between interactions so that they can get over a set back and still give the next client an amazing experience. Also, I will be speaking about how you can have a bad day at work and not take that home with you.

If you could only give one piece of business advice, what would it be?
Every time you move from one thing to another (one meeting to another, one client to another), ask yourself the question – how am I showing up? How will my behaviour affect this next interaction I am going into?’

For more information visit http://www.internationalbeautyexpo.com.au/en/for-visitors/business-leaders-summit/or http://www.dradamfraser.com

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