Productivity Commission Releases Findings

The productivity commission, an initiative set up by the Australian government to review the current workplace relations framework, has released a draft paper regarding their findings.

Over 200 submissions were made to the productivity commission regarding the shortcomings of the current workplace relation framework.

After reviewing and consulting with associations, unions and individuals, including the Hair and Beauty Association (HABA), a draft paper has been provided to the government which outlines suggestions that may be put forth in November when the paper is finalised.

One of the key recommendations made by the commission is penalty rates on weekends. Specifically the incorrect structure where individuals working nights or shift work often receive lower penalty rates than those working on weekends.

After hearing submissions and consulting with data the draft report does recommend the Sunday rate should be made equivalent to the Saturday rate for industries such as hospitality and retail.

Similarly, many industries raised concerns over unfair dismissal legislation. Particularly the element in which the employer had a justified reason to terminate an employee however due to a processing mistake, the employer is often required to compensate an employee.

The current recommendation is for Fair Work to provide a larger weighting on the substance of the issue, not the process in which lead directly to the termination.

The productivity commissions report does address some of the concerns of the beauty industry. The draft report is open for further submission and comments before presentation to the Australian government in November.  If you have any comments regarding workplace relations, you should contact HABA at



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