Athina, Alexia and Angelene Perdis, Tamalin Morton, Napoleon and Lianna Perdis, Richard Vincent and Soula-Marie Perdis at the launch event

Napoleon Perdis has celebrated the ‘landing’ of his eponymously-named makeup brand into Priceline Pharmacies with an extravagant launch event for media, influencers and key stakeholders in Brisbane.

Perdis and his family ‒ wife Soula-Marie and daughters Lianna, Angelene, Alexia and Athina  ‒  arrived at the event, which was held inside an airplane hangar, in a private jet.

Paying homage to the brand’s  popular Auto Pilot collection, the event showcased Napoleon Perdis’s classic products as well as new Priceline “exclusives” on a beautified baggage carousel.

Speaking at the event, Perdis said he was proud that Napoleon Perdis was “the first prestige beauty brand in the Australian retail powerhouse”.

“My commitment here tonight, standing before you all, is to relentlessly deliver exciting, accessible and trailblazing innovation for our Australian customer,” he said.

“The customer has always been at the forefront of the Napoleon Perdis brand, and the roll-out into Priceline will empower customers to be in control of their choices through a wider and more accessible selection of affordable, prestige beauty.”

Lianna exits the jet as Napoleon Perdis looks on

Announcing the company’s signing with Priceline in June, Napoleon told Professional Beauty the move into Priceline was “a wonderful opportunity”.

“Priceline Pharmacy has a reputation as a beauty playground and my range and new products fit perfectly with people who are looking for that exceptional beauty experience in hundreds of locations,” he said.

“I love the assortment that it gives to women.

“I love that we’ll be able to offer our full line in its full flavour in an open-sell environment that the customer can customise to herself.”

He said the company’s move into Priceline was unlikely to have a negative impact on its beauty salon partners or any of its other stockists.

“I do not expect my move into Priceline to affect my other distributions because I’ve closed around 20 of my own concept stores down, so there are only around 60 now.

Angelene, Lianna and Napoleon Perdis on stage at the launch event

“There are 240 partner accounts that were not able to keep up with the newness of the brand and I’ve consolidated a number of other areas of the distribution so my network plan (Myer, Priceline, some partner accounts, Terry White) to service Australia is very tight.”

Likewise, Napoleon is confident that the move into Priceline will not affect the brand’s ‘prestige’ positioning.

“The move into Priceline is going to further enhance the current prestige positioning.

“There is no issue on price fight. Priceline are carving out a prestige category on their floors and Priceline are also making sure that their customer will now have choice from everything from the mass market, to prestige brands.”

He concluded that other Australian cosmetic companies are likely to follow his brand’s move into Priceline.