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Australian skincare brand Eaoron has signed a deal with Beidian, a Chinese social media e-commerce platform, to connect with over 50 million consumers.

Eaoron, currently distributed in mass market retailers such as Chemist Warehouse, Priceline and Woolworths as well as salons across Australia, launched onto the local market just five years ago and then launched into China.

Speaking at the signing of the agreement in Sydney last week, Fernando Rodriguez, head of business development for Australian United Pharmaceuticals (the manufacturer of Eaoron products), said the brand has been built on innovation.

“We pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of product development,” he said.

“In terms of marketing, we take an equally innovative approach and this unique agreement will expand the presence of our Australian made products in China.”

Established in 2017, Beidian generates sales for product suppliers by partnering with China’s KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders)  ‒ individuals/influencers with “hundreds of thousands to millions” of social media followers – “to promote and sell brands.”

It also partners directly with brands and manufacturers to “give customers a guarantee of authenticity in an online market where fake and counterfeit goods are still a problem.”

Currently the platform features “5000 brands ranging from skin care and cosmetics, to fresh food and electronics”  which attract recommendations from over five million KOLs for its 50 million users.

According to Rodriguez, KOLs have been a strong part of the company’s marketing mix in China since its launch into the market “as Chinese people are incredibly discerning when it comes to selecting products they ingest or apply to their skin”.

“The two most important things Chinese consumers look for are trusted recommendations and trusted sales platforms,” he said.

“Chinese customers want to know they are buying authentic products sourced through channels where goods can be traced back to the origin of the manufacturer which in our case is Australia.”

Manufactured in Australia, Earon produces “50 million individual units across facemasks, creams and facial moisturising treatments each year.

Eaoron launched its first product, Hyaluronic Acid Essence, in 2014.

Marketed as “a safe, natural and affordable alternative to clinical Botox”, the product sold more than 10 million units within a year of its release and has since “underpinned Eaoron’s growth into 20 international markets”.

“It’s been the foundation for rapid product development that has seen the rollout of multiple new product lines across four categories [Hyaluronic Series, Face Mask Series, Crystal White Series and Specific Care Series],” said Rodriguez.

Today, Eaoron products are sold throughout Australia and also distributed to China via online trading platforms including Taobao, Tmall, JD, VIPShop and Koala, and is exported to 20 other countries including Mexico, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Although China generates 70 percent of Eaoron’s current sales, Rodriguez is adamant that Australia will always be the brand’s primary focus.

“By virtue of its massive population China is always going to be a major market for Eaoron,” he said.

“However, we are a 100 percent Australian company which develops and produces its products locally.

“Continuing to build our brand and distribution channels in Australia is a key goal.”

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