The Modern Face of Beauty host Stephen Handisides

 After six months travelling the world meeting experts in the aesthetics industry while filming The Modern Face of Beauty, host Stephen Handisides concludes that most people “merely want to look good for their age”.

“You will always have the clients that want and will try everything that’s new,” he said, “but I find most people want a more minimalistic and understated look.

“They merely want to look good for their age.”

Created by MyFaceMyBody, ‘The Modern Face of Beauty’ TV series brings together “leading experts within the aesthetics, plastic surgery, health and wellness industries to educate in a fun and entertaining style”.

“With the plethora of information available on the internet, hundreds of new products and treatments to choose from, and thousands of plastic surgery, beauty and health clinics, the information overload has left people confused,” said Stephen.

The Modern Face of Beauty aims to demystify and educate viewers on the real questions that they want to ask in an interesting, unbiased and informative way.

“It will provide insights and truths into some of the facts and myths behind treatments, give demonstrations of popular non-surgical procedures and unconventional fitness routines, in a fun and lighthearted way.”

Australian and New Zealand experts featured in the program include Dr William Mooney (NSW), Dr Jayson Oates (WA), Dr Anh Nguyen (WA), Dr Nicole Yap (Victoria) and Dr Catherine Stone (Auckland).

Stephen said the series would be particularly interesting to Australian who were increasingly indulging in aesthetic treatments.

“According to a recent survey, 85 percent of Australians and people in the UK would consider having a body sculpting treatment compared to 76 percent in the US,” he said.

“In Australia the most popular procedure was breast augmentation while in the UK and the US it was a tummy tuck.”

He said “price was the biggest factor” preventing Australians from undergoing treatment but “unnatural results and fear of something going wrong” were also concerns.

The Modern Face of Beauty will be broadcast on local and national television networks in the US reaching 44 million households. It will screen on Filmon.TV with 74 million viewers and on the MyFaceMyBody global channel.