MYCURL continues global expansion

Dario Cotroneo's hair curling invention,  MYCURL, continues its global expansion and is now available  in Norway and New Zealand.

With 15 year’s experience in the industry, Petter Alexandersen and I (Lars Kristoffersen) of GRIMM AS will be the distributors in Norway, launching at the Norway Hair and Beauty Fair this month.

Robin, owner of Salon Warehouse, will be distributing MYCURL in New Zealand. He has the same values and vision for salon hairdressing as Dario, understanding that MYCURL is an easy way to get magazine hair in minutes, whether in the salon or for clients to reproduce a consistent look at home.

Last year, Dario traveled to eight countries to work with the best distributors that understood the MYCURL philosophy of styling hair.

"We are extremely proud to continue our international growth as an Australian based company," says Veronica Deufel, MYCURL's CFO. "For our Australian MYCURL customers we look forward to sharing our next Generation of MYCURL with you soon."

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