Mediterranean Tan at Sustainability Conference

Mediterranean Tan recently attended the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation Environmentally Friendly and Health Sustainability Day.


Andrea Taylor, CEO of Mediterranean Tan attended the conference and was educated in environmentally sustainable practices. The conference looked at ingredients in food, air and water that are toxic to humans.

The conference addressed how climate change is occurring due to human activities and how human health is intrinsically connected to the quality of the natural environment.

“Our health is dependent on the health of the environment that supports us. We need clean air, clean water and healthy soil. I have been an intensive care nurse for 25 years so I see firsthand the link between climate change, sustainable manufacturing processes, ingredients and our health,” said Andrea Taylor.

Andrea felt it was necessary to attend this conference to ensure the brand as a whole was doing all it could to improve in environmentally sustainable products. She dedicates one day per month solely to reading medical research.

“We at Mediterranean Tan are proud to be taking the next step to help influence the industry into environmentally sustainable products,” she said.

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