St.Tropez Australia created lightly bronzed resort goddesses at the We Are Handsome Spring Summer show on April 8. 


Tropical fruits, quirky prints and a python – the We Are Handsome catwalk was an exotic escape for the modern city girl. This year’s resort swimwear featured animal prints, kaleidoscope graphics and seductive cuts. The girls walked down the runway adorned in gold jewellery and a killer attitude.


As the tanning sponsor, St.Tropez created natural and healthy tanned looks in extension of the tropical theme. Models wore a light wash of colour from the new St.Tropez Wash Off Instant Tan.


“On top of the colour we have been highlighting [using St.Tropez Gold Illuminator] down the legs, along the collarbone and anywhere that reflects the light. The biggest tanning trend at the moment is keeping your skin looking as natural as possible to your skin tone – and just adding that beautiful glow so your skin looks healthy,” said Brooke O’Brien, St.Tropez skin finishing expert.


“To ensure the product spreads evenly we’ve been using dabbing motions and light flicks – working on small areas so the product really melts into the skin. ”


Get the look with Michael Brown, St.Tropez skin finishing expert:

  1. It’s crucial to prep the skin, especially in a show like this – it’s swimwear – there is nothing to hide behind, so the skin needs to be perfect. The models have all been sent the ‘St.Tropez Tanning Commandments’ before the show, so today we just needed to use the St.Tropez Tan Enhancing Moisturiser on the dry areas of the body like the elbows, feet, hands and of course the knees.
  2. St.Tropez is all about customising your colour and so the Instant Tan in Light/Medium and Medium/Dark are perfect for layering and tailoring shades. For the lighter models we used the Medium/Dark to bring up their overall colour, and for the girls and guys with a natural base colour and more olive tones we used the Light/Medium Instant Tan.
  3. To even out the skin while adding a little extra warmth and healthy glow we finished with St.Tropez Illuminator in Gold. I used this to highlight, define and sculpt the bodies – following the lines of the muscles to create definition and shape. The show was outside so the Gold Illuminator also worked perfectly to catch the natural light, contouring the body, creating a beautiful sheen and a gorgeous, healthy glow.

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