High Tech Laser bought by BeautyHealth

According to Business Wire, The BeautyHealth Co, the California-based parent company of The HydraFacial, has acquired overseas third-party distributors in Australia, France, Germany and Mexico. The total price paid for all four distributors is reportedly $35 million ($28 million in cash and $7 million in shares of the Company’s Class A Common Stock).

What is HydraFacial?

Every 12 seconds someone in the world is having a HydraFacial.  And its unique combination of exfoliation, skin peels, painless extractions and skin nutrition HydraFacial has virtually created a category of its own.  With over 2.5 million treatments performed every year, and instantly-noticeable results achieved on virtually all skin types, HydraFacial is a favourite treatment of both clinics and clients for more than two decades. It’s an innovative non-surgical treatment that allows the results of an advanced professional facial to be achieved in less than 30 minutes.  HydraFacial uses a patented tip to perform a range of different functions on the skin including cleansing, hydrating, clearing congested pores and delivering serums of antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid. The treatment creates instantly noticeable improvements in skin tone and texture with less treatment time, and without causing discomfort or  downtime.” (FROM A PREVIOUS PIECE ON THE TREATMENT)

“As we continue to bring Beauty Health to the masses, we are thrilled to convert four of our valued distributors, with whom we’ve built great relationships, into direct management,” said Clint Carnell, Chief Executive Officer of Beauty Health. “This direct model approach brings us closer to both our providers and our consumers around the world, leading to more opportunities for direct engagement and creative experiences that drive brand awareness. We have seen the successful testing case with our earlier acquisition of a former distributer in the UK and plan to continue to build on our scaling and marketing capability globally.”

High Tech Laser becomes HydraFacial Australia and New Zealand

“After 11 years as exclusive distributors of HydraFacial in Australia and New Zealand, the HydraFacial business of High Tech Laser is proud to announce an exciting change to our business.

HydraFacial has acquired High Tech Laser Australia Pty Ltd and we will be operating in Australia and New Zealand as HydraFacial Australia and New Zealand Pty Ltd. By formally joining HydraFacial we increase the HydraFacial global presence and become part a worldwide portfolio that already includes USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, China and Japan in having local corporate offices and direct sales. We will be known as HydraFacial ANZ.

HydraFacial is now a publicly traded company (as part of the BeautyHealth Company). With the strong demand for the treatment globally, the substantial investments being made and the ever-improving brand profile, we believe the best way to benefit is to work even closer with the parent company by becoming an integral part of their global operation.”

HydraFacial is currently available in 87 countries, and continues to work with over 17,000 delivery systems, treating millions of consumers worldwide each year. To learn more about The Beauty Health Company and its flagship brand, HydraFacial, please visit us online at https://investors.beautyhealth.com/.

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