Getting Gorgeous

Businessman Rob Tamburro is continuing to take on distributorship of beauty brands in Australia since forming Bellezza last year. He reveals to Anita Quade how he is tackling the ever changing face of makeup and his tips for growth.

Since the formation of Bellezza in 2018 Tamburro has taken on two makeup brands – Palladio and now Gorgeous Cosmetics.  He reveals the lessons he has learnt along the way.

Time To Reflect:

“I felt that 2017 was a huge year after selling my previous makeup brand (Bodyography) I had taken five months off. I used this time to spend with my new born son but also reflect on the industry and just how much it has changed especially over the last few years. Salon spending and needs have changed, retail has changed so I thought about all the conversations I’ve had and all the worries I hear from salon owners.  I knew what salons wanted but I had to find a brand that ticked all the boxes.”

The Palladio Effect:

“Palladio had been in contact with me for years and I thought it was time to finally meet and talk. A quick trip to the US and one week later I came back with a new contract. Palladio is an amazing range of products created with great formulations based on Botanical and Vitamin infused extracts. Its Paraben Free and Cruelty Free across the brand. The real trick was to build a business model that keeps Palladio affordable. And that’s what we have created a quality range that is affordable for the everyday consumer. This means more stock on shelves more sales and more returning clients back to your salon.”

Getting Gorgeous: 

“Gorgeous Cosmetics is a real case of one door closing and another one opening which was the perfect scenario for our business. Over the years I got to know the Gorgeous brand and really appreciated what they did particcularly in education and in their marketing and growth across Australia. With David and Liza establishing themselves in the USA I saw the opportunity to add Gorgeous to our portfolio offering our clients two brands with two very different attributes. To be honest they complement each other and makes what we do so much easier. Gorgeous Cosmetics was created by Australian makeup artist David McConnell in 1997.”

Brand Creation:

“Anyone in our industry will tell you the blood sweat and tears that go into creating a brand such as Gorgeous. Not to mention to last this long, especially in this day and age. The formations are great with products manufactured in Italy, however I really do believe that their biggest drawcard is the education that they have established over the years through the Academy of Makeup or HUB. With Academies in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane I cannot tell you how many people I have met over the years that commenced their makeup journey at the Gorgeous Cosmetics Academy. It is stocked in more than 500 hair and beauty salons around the country and sold online.”

The Power Of Social Media:

“In this day and age social media is everything and simply put, marketing that money cannot buy. Literally. (unless you have a spare million dollars lying around). We live in a world where people want to use the products celebrities use and consumers are driven by current trend products. So the trick is staying ahead and constantly refreshing yourself with on trend products. Social media forms the basis of this new business and the business model we have put together.”

Brand Power: 

“It has been our bread and butter. Only four months into it from our first shipment hitting our shores it surely has been a lot of work. Countless hours has been spent creating the back end, warehousing, distribution, marketing and general logistics. One thing we never want to say to our clients is that we don’t have stock. Our warehouse is full and ready to distribute.”

Changing Times:

“What we did 10 years ago to launch a brand has zero effect today. Or at least it feels that way. Times have definitely changed and competition is as high as it ever has been especially now with social media.  Old relationships don’t necessarily mean they will continue in new ventures. You have more energy when your 30 compared to when you are 40.”

Inspirational Outlook:

“Keep your costs low and be prepared to sacrifice. People only see the surface of your business and no one ever sees the hard work and sacrifices you make and continue to make.  Don’t try the get rich quick technique overnight, it doesn’t happen, a wise man once told me when I got started in this industry  he said: “ There is only one get rich quick scheme, and it takes five years” –  those words always stuck with me.”

Image Is Everything: 

“Have the combination of great product (of course), quality formulations with a conscience, Paraben free formulas that are healthy for the skin and Cruelty Free. You need a strong social media presence not only to showcase your products but used by influencers and loved and followed by many. Your brand needs to have its own image and not just be another makeup brand.”

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