France Medical Partner With LPG

France Medical has signed with French company LPG  to promote the latest generation of Endermologie technology on the Australian market.
France Medical national sales manager, Guillaume Bosert.
France Medical national sales manager, Guillaume Bosert.

In just half a decade, France Medical has built a reputation for distributing top-end equipment from France to beauty and health professionals. And thanks to LPG, the company now offers a range of devices harnessing the power of natural science for anti-ageing and cellulite reduction, most notably, Endermologie, an industry favourite that’s been known to sell itself.

It was a pulling factor, amount many, that lead the company to solidify a partnership with LPG as the exclusive distributor for its equipment in Australia. It’s a move France Medical national sales manager, Guillaume Bosert says has been a long time coming.

“We were looking for a while to establish a partnership with LPG due to the high reputation of their equipment and the efficiency of the treatments. The image of LPG, combined with the well known customer care of France Medical, made what was an ideal partnership for us, come true.”

LPG is renowned for offering the first facial technique in the world aimed at boosting the natural synthesis of enogenous hyaluronic acid, with scientific case studies to back its efficacy. The brand has also gained notoriety for its body treatments, with a patented Ergodrive treatment head featuring independent motorised rollers to target tissues in-depth with over 300 different skin folds to pinpoint diet and exercise resistant fat, boost natural lipolysis, firm sagging skin and reshape body contours.

“The natural and patented technology of LPG is a wonderful opportunity for France Medical to offer a new way to treat patients by targeting the most important needs – cellulite and ageing. Thanks to the high efficiency of the technology, based on 130 scientific studies, we can develop new markets, working with hospitals, chiropractors and even surgery clinics,” says Bosert.

And as for how the new partnership will affect the future of France Medical?

“All my sales team are very excited by the variety of prospectives LPG will offer us moving forward, they know that the biggest preoccupation of our clients is profitability, efficiency and making a difference in a very competitive market. Our first feedback from clients so far has been wonderful. We’re very pleased to see people enjoy the quality of the treatments and the new affordable prices of the equipment we can supply them.”


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