The first Australian blog to feature genuine accounts of breast implant surgery has launched in Australia. Found at, the blog will feature the experiences of three different women as they research, undergo and see the results of their procedures.

Each of the women has very different lifestyle, and unique reasons for choosing to have breast implants:

Jo (25) is a personal trainer undergoing breast augmentation for the first time

Mum-of-three Lou (35) is planning her first breast augmentation surgery post-pregnancy

Jess (45) needs corrective surgery having experienced complications after her first breast augmentation surgery

Women’s first port of call for information when considering surgery is the internet. has been created due to the fact that at present, there is nowhere online for Australian women to access real women’s experiences of their breast implant surgery. It is innovative for the industry to reach out to consumers in this way, and the blogging platform could work well for a number of cosmetic and beauty procedures.

Two leading Australian plastic surgeons – Dr Michael Miroshnik and Dr Morris Ritz – have been chosen by the women to carry out their surgery.

Dr. Michael Miroshnik, who will be operating on Jo and Lou, says: “The women who come to my rooms enquiring about breast implants have been considering having surgery for years, and are keen to hear about my patients’ procedures. This blog offers a resource for them to hear about the experiences of women who have already, or will be, having surgery.”

Jess’s surgeon Dr. Morris Ritz, says: “Deciding to have breast implants should be a once-in-a-lifetime decision, so those considering it need all the information and facts they can to make an informed decision. Unfortunately, Jess had to make the decision a second time, when she came to see me following complications with her first surgery.” will follow the women’s journeys over nine weeks.