Final Touch Brows Support Alopecia Sufferers

Australian business, Final Touch Brows will show their support for sufferers of alopecia at the Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation Inc (AAAF) Awareness Week Family Day in 2015.

If you’ve never heard of it, alopecia is a rare condition distinguished by baldness, or very fine, white hair. Though the exact causes are unknown, the condition is thought to be a result of an auto-immune disorder.

“Having known several clients and acquaintances who have suffered the heartbreak of hair loss through illnesses such as alopecia, I decided that something needed to be done to help women and men restore a more natural look to their features and regain lost confidence,” says Final Touch Brows founder, Danielle Kurukchi.

And Kurukchi is doing just that with her unique brand of specialised eyebrow wigs (also known as eyebrow extensions), designed to fill in or completely replace sparse or hairless brows.

Her products, Final Touch Brows eyebrow wigs, are fast becoming an international hit. Designed in conjunction with a professional wig maker, the eyebrow extensions are made with a hundred per cent human hair that is treated and then injected into a polyurethane skin like base.

Final Touch Brows will show their support for suffers of alopecia at the Australia Alopecia Foundation Inc (AAAF) Awareness Week Family Day, to be held in 2015, which will include guest speakers, inspirational stories from people suffering from alopecia, stall holders, AAAF merchandise, head art/face painting, and eyebrow application demonstrations.

Kurukchi, who will demonstrate false eyebrow application during the Family Day, says she’s excited about teaming up with AAAF and sees the brand’s involvement in the initiative as a natural extension of her own desire to create a product that changes lives.

“I’ve always had a passion for eyebrows, along with a strong desire to help others.”


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