Medtech Symposium organisers Mariza and Marco Nuttall

 The sixth annual Medtech Symposium will be held in Sydney on June 2 -3.

Organised by Medi Spa Solutions, the “aesthetic technology and business symposium” promises “to empower business owners in the aesthetic market”.

Symposium host Mariza Nuttall  said the event will “feature the latest treatment protocols, cutting edge technology, demonstrations, and nano science research by Dr Stavrou Gregoris”.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Skin Needling
  • Plasma
  • Fat Freezing
  • Advanced body sculpting
  • New HIFU technology
  • Laser – Diode, Qswitch, NdYag, IPL
  • Erbium – Vaginal skin tightening
  • Skin diagnositics
  • SHR IPL technology
  • LED/PDT Light technology
  • Microhydrabrasion
  • Microdermabrasion

According to Nuttall, the most exciting attraction at this year’s symposium will be the Renova HIFU (In Motion HIFU) which is “one of the latest and most popular treatments in the industry”.

She said HIFU is “becoming a well known treatment protocol” and the symposium will empower attendees with “the secrets of doing the treatment properly and profitably”.

“The Renova HIFU’s benefits include time efficiency (takes half the time to perform a treatment than traditional line HIFU), less consumables and high profits for clinic owners as well as less pain and bruising, increased affordability and maximum results for clients.”

In addition, the Renova is “simple to Integrate into a Clinic with full training portal included”

“Dr Gregoris will help attendees understand this technology and how it can work in their business,” she said.

Nuttall concluded that there were seven main reasons for salon/clinic owners to attend the event:

  • Know your market better than your competitor
  • Understanding technology and using this to educate your clients into purchasing the correct packages for their skin type
  • Enable massive growth in your business.
  • Learn proven strategies from successful and inspiring entrepreneurs
  • Deliver exceptional and relatable content which can be used and referenced for years to come
  • Networking with industry specialists
  • Enjoy dinner, great food and drinks and incredible business ideas

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