A group of Dr. Spiller salon stockists were treated to a luxury European trip visiting the Dr. Spiller HQ. 


The winners visited the HQ of Dr. Spiller Biomimetic in the Bavarian Alps and met with bio scientist, Klaus Kitzmantel. The group were able to see the lab where products are developed and also production and packing facilities. Winners were also given a sneak peek of new products currently being manufactured.

Brooke Stevenson  Francine Ithier

Throughout the trip, winners stayed at the The Krallerhoff, a 6-star hotel in Austria where guests enjoyed Dr. Spiller facial steam rooms, saunas, hot and cold dipping pools and an unlimited supply of delicious foods.


Paul Fister, Omniderm’s director, took his guests on The Sounds of Music Tour and visited the Great Old Brewery.

“The trip was such a great experience and it was truly a generous one from both Dr. Spiller and Omniderm,” said Brooke Stevenson from Face Plus Medispa, one of the lucky winners on this trip.

For more information visit http://www.dr-spiller.com.au/

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