Five Minutes with Dermalogica’s Dr Diana Howard

We speak to Dr Diana Howard about Dermalogica’s annual symposium to be held in Kuala Lumpur.


Preparing to host salon owners from across Australia and South-East Asia at the annual Dermalogica Symposium held in Kuala Lumpur this June, Professional Beauty caught up with Dr Diana Howard, Vice President of Research and Development at The International Dermal Institute.

What can attendees of the Dermalogica Symposium look forward to?
The attendees can look forward to an incredible line up of very inspiring and motivational presenters speaking on an array of topics including latest product innovations, entrepreneurial business solutions, how Dermalogica is being successfully used in the medical setting and of course insightful and thought provoking words from our founder and visionary, Jane Wurwand. The theme of the event is The Power of One; it refers to the incredible power of one tribe, the Dermalogica tribe, as well as the power of one strong vision for professional skin therapy. The power of one action repeated daily that brings respect and success to the business, the power of one amazing alchemy between the skin therapist and their client and the power of one therapist with a dermalogica skin care product in her or his hands.

How important are events like these to the Dermalogica family?
They are incredibly important, our strength lies in our strong relationships with our customers, what we call our ‘ tribal bonding’, with all of the Dermalogica skin therapists who reside in one of the 82 countries where Dermalogica is available around the world. Though we embrace all forms of modern technology to communicate with each other, nothing can replace face-to-face contact and the opportunity for like-minded therapists from around the world to share their experiences and make life-long friendships.

Image: Dr Diana Howard

What global trends/concerns are you noticing from meeting with stockists?
Professional Skin Therapy is changing. It is evolving into a very fast moving and sophisticated industry and our Dermalogica accounts count on us to always stay relevant and progressive. The latest ingredient technology, such as the array of peptides used today, drives us to produce more active formulations to satisfy a very discerning customer. Their customers want tangible results, fast, and we have to be able to satisfy this need both in the professional treatment arena as well as in their home care products. With this ferocious demand by the consumer it does, however, allow for some ‘charlatan’ ingredients with exaggerated claims to find their way into the marketplace so we need to constantly educate our Dermalogica skin therapists on the latest ingredient trends.

Is there a particular technology/ingredient focus for this symposium?
We will be launching our new Multi Vitamin Power Serum, as part of our AGEsmart range, into Asia (this product was recently launched in Australia) and we will be having an exclusive product preview of our new Ultra Smoothing Eye Serum being part of our Ultra Calming product range.

What do you most enjoy about attending international events?
Apart from having the tremendous opportunity to experience each country I visit, the food, culture and its people, it is the bonding and the connection with the professional skin therapist that is the highlight for me. We may speak a different ‘mother tongue’ but we do speak one very strong tribal language, ‘the love and passion of all things skin!’

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