Karen Austin, Dr Simon Lin, Dr Suzanna Luo and Dr Chun Yen Huang at the Cynosure Summit

Cynosure, a leading laser and light based aesthetics manufacturer, held its latest Summit educational event in Sydney last month.

The one-day ‘Educate, Observe, Learn’ summit featured four guest speakers:

Dr Suzanna Luo, a cosmetic physician who is an expert in both Asian aesthetics and Caucasian facial beautification using non-surgical techniques. During her presentation, she shared her experience of successfully introducing body contouring into her clinic, particularly her Asian patient base.

Dr Saras Sundrum, who has 26 years of experience using lasers, injectables and radiofrequency technologies, was an early adopter of both the PicoSure picosecond device and SculpSure body contouring device. During her presentation, she discussed the different procedures currently available on the market for submental fat reduction.

Dr Simon Liang-Chen Lin, a dermalogist and founder of the Bright Skin Clinic and Lin-Liang Chen Medical Aesthetic Center in Taiwan, has extensive experience with lasers and injectables. During his presentation he explained the difference between 755nm and 1064nm laser wavelengths.

Dr Chun Yen Huang is a cosmetic physician is well known for his expertise in the treatment of difficult pigmentations, skin resurfacing and non-invasive skin tightening. During his presentation, he shared his experience of successfully implementing PicoSure in his clinic.

Karen Austin is the owner of the award winning Richmond Skin & Laser clinic which provides non-invasive treatments including Grade 4 light-based technologies for skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal and body sculpting. During her presentation, she shared seven key tips for successfully marketing aesthetic treatments.

Dr Suzanna Luo on stage at the Cynosure ‘Educate, Observe, Learn’ summit

Speaking to Professional Beauty after the summit, Cynosure Australia marketing manager Tracey Cannon said the company holds numerous workshops and Summit series events each year as continuing education is critical for success in the fast evolving beauty industry.

“Our goal is to facilitate further education on Cynosure technologies and best practise marketing initiatives whilst observing and learning from both internally renowned specialists and key local luminaries from Australia,” she said.

“As the manufacturer we have an obligation to keep our clinics and doctors up-to-date on any changes in protocol or treatment parameters, as well as share any new clinical papers published.”

She said the content for all the workshops is created for the company’s current and prospective clients.

Dr Chun Yen Huang on stage at the Cynosure ‘Educate, Observe, Learn’ summit

“They are also a great refresher and offer an opportunity for even the most experienced operator to gain additional hands-on experience.”

Cannon stressed that the workshops are also a great chance to “network and discuss experiences with other operators to gain further insights into how they operate the technology, how they package treatments or market their offering”.

Cynosure has also recently launched a quarterly ‘Continued Education Program’ for its PicoSure clients.

Canon said the program, which has been developed and presented by Cynosure’s national clinical manager Sandra Sostres RN, is “a great opportunity for PicoSure users to come together and discuss their own experiences and protocols whilst being updated on the latest treatment protocols”.







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