Content will be King at next month’s Beauty Melbourne with 24 education seminars and workshops to help beauty professionals take their careers – and their businesses – to the next level.

Content will also be King (or Queen) at Claire Deane’s seminar.

Claire is “a digital marketer, Google Analytics nerd and social media addict” who has worked with big and small brands across a range of industries from fashion and food to yoga studios and education institutions.

In her aptly titled ‘Content is King’ seminar at Beauty Melbourne, Claire will teach beauty professionals how to use content to convert online visitors to loyal.

In the leadup to the Expo, we asked Claire a few questions about online content and real life beauty businesses.

Why is content playing an ever-important role in the success of a business?
“Content is a way for businesses to connect with potential customers outside of the traditional buyer and seller experience. Today’s customers are looking for stories and connection, and content is a great way to deliver this. It might be through a behind-the-scenes Instagram story or a targeted newsletter and the great thing is that it can be tailored to your target audience. It’s also one of the best ways to optimise for search engines (SEO). Organic Google traffic often has the highest conversion rates of all traffic sources, so creating content that search engines are able to find offers considerable benefits to businesses looking to attract new customers.

How are beauty businesses placed to take advantage of content creation to increase their client list?
“There’s so much scope when it comes to content for beauty businesses! How-to’s and tutorials often show up first in Google traffic results and people are always looking for tips and tricks when it comes to beauty. It’s also a great way for beauty businesses to show off their skills and products to new clients, which adds legitimacy and ‘social proof’ to what they are offering. Beauty businesses are so visual that they are a natural fit for channels that need great aesthetics like Instagram or YouTube.”

What are some of the tips that you’ll be sharing in your Beauty Melbourne seminar about content and conversion?
“I’ll be starting off by talking about your target audience. Understanding who you are talking to is vital because that forms the basis for the type of content you can be creating. If you’re speaking to a young audience who are looking for trends, Instagram is a great channel. If you’re targeting an older woman with a higher disposable income, Facebook can be the way to go. I’ll be sharing how to create a content calendar that takes some of the overwhelm out of content production and will talk about how to ensure your content actually converts into sales.”

For more information on Claire’s seminar and all the other education sessions at Beauty Melbourne visit where you can purchase an All-Access Education Pass to 18 Look ‘n’ Learn sessions over the March 23-24 weekend for $175 early bird/$189 full-price (including entry into the expo).