Clear Complexions founder Suzie Hoitink invited media and friends to her Balmain clinic on Thursday March 6 to celebrate the first birthday of her Sydney clinic.

The Clear Complexions Balmain team

Suzie began Clear Complexions in 2005 with her first clinic in Canberra. Nine years on, she is now the proud owner of four clinics across Australia.

Frustrated with what was available out there for everyday people suffering common skin conditions, Suzie began the Clear Complexions brand based on her own experience and toilsome battle with adult acne and hormonal pigmentation.

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Turning her battle into her passion, she has found a niche where she can treat everyday people with everyday skin conditions. “By everyday I mean acne, rosacea, sun-damage, scarring – the things that bother everyday people. We sit in that niche between a beautician and plastic surgeon/dermatologist,” Suzie said.


Over a delightful breakfast guests mingled and were given tours of the Balmain clinic. Suzie then spoke on her Clear Complexions success story and unveiled her upcoming plans for 2014.

“There are three things that make us unique here at Clear Complexions: all our employees are registered nurses, our multi-modality approach when it comes to equipment, and our focus on skin health. We never use the words ‘beauty’ or ‘cosmetics’ because beauty is something different for everyone. We also value long term skin health over quick-fix cosmetics.”


As an advocate for inner confidence, Suzie launched her own magazine last year profiling the inspirational people she encounters. “Every single one of my clients is inspiring to me, each one of our clients usually has an insecurity or vulnerability – it’s something about how they look that affects how they feel. What we get to do here is we get to be a part of the solution and empower people to take that positive step. It’s a bit addictive and it’s a real privilege,” she said.


The future is looking bright for Clear Complexions. Currently fitting out new locations in Canberra with training facilities, Suzie is also about to launch Clear Complexions Consultancy later this year. Clear Complexions Consultancy will be offering laser training to the wider industry. This was developed in response to the need for updated education as a result of the absence in legislations governing laser imports and operation.

“There’s nothing protecting the consumers out there. There are doctors and nurses who want to do it right and they are desperate for education – there is just nothing out there.”

Suzie also revealed to guests the possibility of opening more Sydney clinics is in the pipeline – “we have been so well-embraced in the community here at Balmain and there are many opportunities out there in this big city so we definitely have plans to expand,” she said.

Clear Complexions will also be launching a line of skincare products called Mooi this year.

True to her vision and constantly pushing herself to be more comfortable with feeling uncomfortable, Clear Complexions continues to raise the standards for skin clinics and the wider industry.

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