A new alliance in the beauty industry has been formed between BLC Cosmetics and Alpha-H.


On October 1 Alpha-H will begin a three-year distribution partnership with BLC, a leading player in the Australian cosmeceutical industry.

“BLC has been in the Australian beauty industry for over 25 years so it’s natural for us to want to progress with a company that has proven success within our own backyard,” said Michelle Doherty, director of Alpha-H.

BLC has a dedicated team of over 20 employees to service accounts, train staff, launch new products and educate the industry on advancements within the cosmeceutical industry.

Michelle is confident that this partnership will benefit current Alpha-H stockists as well as those yet to be introduced to the brand.

“Adding Alpha-H to a powerhouse of other brands under the BLC umbrella, I feel that our customers will really benefit greatly from this alliance,” Michelle said.

For more information visit https://www.alpha-h.com/ or https://www.blccosmetics.com/

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