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Are you really ready for the New Year? We’ve scrolled through Pinterest, trawled tutorials and consulted with the experts to discover the major beauty trends of 2017. While we’re saying goodbye to glitter everything (thank god) and a few other fads that had us cowering being our salon beds, organic beauty, sleek but simple nail art and bold brows are here to stay (at least until 2018!).


Chrome nails
A 570% rise in popularity this year has Pinterest predicting that chrome nails are going to be big in 2017. Preferably paired with a stiletto point and the steering wheel of a new Mercedes, Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid are the inspiration behind this one.


Dubbed one of the biggest trends of 2016, microblading will be keeping eyebrows beautiful next year too. Riding the coattails of the bold brow, the tattoo-like procedure was road tested by a host of celebrities (Bella Thorne), beauty influencers (Chloe Morello) and cosmetics journalists (Vogue, Elle, DailyMail and PopSugar) and hailed as the no-fuss way to achieve a streamlined and sophisticated visage.

Macadamia nuts with leaves

Superfood skincare
We’ve been concerned for years about what we’ve been putting into our body, so it only makes sense in 2017 we’ll be focusing on what we put on it. Skincare will be loaded with vitamins and phytonutrients courtesy of broccoli, cucumber and rosehip seed oil infusion that is designed to plump, soothe and protect the skin.


Cut crease eyeshadow
We’ve got Pinterest to thank again for this one, with the cataloging site declaring the technique as contouring for your eyes. As the name describes, this trend cuts across the eyelid’s crease using a contrasting eyeshadow shade that has little to no blending. The finished result is a dramatically lifted eye.

Young beautiful girl receiving pink facial mask in spa beauty salon - indoors

High-tech masks
Instagram has been awash with beauties absorbing the benefits of multi-tasking masks this year, and since masks are an excellent way to upsell at the salon, we’re not complaining. 2017 will see new ingredients such as matcha green tea, activated charcoal and bentonite clay added into the mix.


Sculpting skincare
Following on the heels of the makeup trend by the same name, sculpting skincare is going to be 2017’s contouring. The look can be achieved by a variety of products, from massage serums, dry body brushing and peptide-rich plumping creams.


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