APAN Expands Membership Classifications

APAN is now expanding its membership classifications to meet industry needs. Nurses, dermal therapists and cosmetic medical practitioners now have a membership classification through APAN.


The Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network (APAN) understands that with a constantly evolving aesthetics industry comes also the need for a stepped-up approach to services and business support from organisations that represent this industry sector.

Cosmetic nurses, dermal therapists and cosmetic medical practitioners servicing their needs require additional specific skills and information. APAN has been approached to cater fro the specific needs of this group, which appear to be inadequately represented.

APAN considers the task of adding member benefits and value as a work in profess, constantly growing their strategic partners to 15 at present, as well as adding business coaching sessions within their membership in recent times. It has a comprehensive membership program to cater for beauty, aesthetics and spa therapists and their businesses.

APAN will now include two new membership classifications to meet industry needs.

“The industry is changing and in our experience servicing individuals and businesses in the beauty and aesthetics industry requires a great deal more than in past years. Members want to know that you can solve their problems in a timely and accurate manner, regardless as to whether the problem is a legal issue, industrial relations, business issue or legislative compliance. They now need more than an ad hoc approach, they need real answers and someone who will care enough to chase things up and get back to them. We recognize this need and we are committed to this level of service, which we are able to achieve through a close alliance with a group of legal, insurance and finance expert companies that we work closely with as a team,” Tina Viney, CEO of APAN says.

APAN does not group everyone together and are now extending their membership to include two more classifications including Corporate Platinum (medical) for healthcare practitioners and doctors and Gold (degree qualification) for nurses, dermal therapists and other.

For more information on APAN and its extended membership classification email info@apanetwork.com or visit www.apanetwork.com or call Tinay Viney on (07) 5593 0360

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