Amazon launches makeup collection

Models wearing Find makeup (Amazon)

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, has launched its first makeup range under its Find fashion label.

Currently only available in the UK, the budget-priced collection is divided into four categories:

Eyes – shadow palettes, mascaras, eye liners and eyebrow pencils (21 products)
Face – highlighters and bronzers (five products)
Lips – lipsticks, lip glosses and lip liners (48 products)
Nails – polishes, basecoat, top coat and nail oil (7 products)

The products will be sold in bundles of complimentary items rather than individually.  For example the Bold Beauty Lip Bundle combines Shiny Lipstick no.8 and Lip Liner no.5 while the most expensive offering in the range is the Highlight Lowlight Contouring Bundles, which includes one highlighter and one low lighter.

The makeup collection is the latest addition to Amazon’s fashion brand which launched in the EU in 2017 with 700 items of clothing and shoes for men and women and now has over 2000 lines.

Despite Amazon’s success at disrupting so many markets around the world, the behemoth’s move into the beauty market has thus far generated few concerns from the industry (or investors).

Nonetheless reports that although the company’s “unassuming move into the beauty space” hasn’t yet “set off alarm bells” it “could signal the beginning of a more aggressive campaign”.

“The company has successfully disrupted everything from books to furniture without much fanfare, and Amazon’s private-label business (which includes over 80 of its own brands) is expanding at the expense of big brands, and is on track to generate US$25 billion by 2022.

Indeed Amazon, which sells ‘luxury beauty’, professional beauty’ and ‘indie beauty products’, is already a premier destination for cosmetic products.

A 2016 survey by AT Kearney found that 69 percent of American women who shop online for beauty products searched and bought beauty and personal products on Amazon compared to 41 percent at Sephora and 37 percent at Ulta.

In addition Amazon ranked as the favourite online shop for beauty and personal care by 22 percent of shoppers in the United Kingdom and 25 percent of shoppers in Germany.

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