Vitamin packed, UV-resistant packaging and completely customisable – these are just some of the advantages of Alpha-H’s newest skincare offering.

A collection of unique serums, the recently debuted line offers users a bespoke approach to skincare.  The four vitamin-rich exlirs – A, B, C and E – allow us to take greater control over a results-driven skincare routine for our clients.

“We’re seeing a lot of products where one size fits all, and I think what we’ve forgotten about is that our consumers have different needs,” Michelle told Professional Beauty.

“Every day every one of you dress for that days weather and we are kind of encouraging our customers to think about what their day in skincare looks like.”

“Today walking through the streets of Sydney I’ll definitely be going for my vitamin c – I’m going to have a lot of UV exposure. Yesterday I was in the TV studio all day with the air conditioning cranked up, so my concern was my vitamin c, my moisture levels. I’ve been travelling for the last four weeks so I’m pretty stressed out, and I got off a flight on Friday evening – do I want the glycolic tingle? No way. I want to go for a hug in a bottle so I’d take out my vitamin e.”

“This kit allows you to select the vitamin for your lifestyle on the day, because no two days are the same and one size doesn’t fit all.”

Alpha-HAs the largest organ of the body, it isn’t surprising that the skin reflects what’s taking place around and underneath it, with everything from our ever-changing health, stress levels, environment, hormonal fluctuations, sleep patterns and diet affecting our complexion.

In order to counteract these constant modifications, a multi-solution skincare that has the ability to deliver the optimum level of nutrients and antioxidants is needed.

Containing four powerful C osmeceutical serums, Alpha-H’s Vitamin Profiling Collection is actively closing the gap between the cosmetic counter and invasive procedures.

The serums reach as far down to the papillary reticular level of the skin, which are where blood vessels and connective tissue are found.

Despite the focus on personalisation, Director Michelle quoted today’s lack of vitamin intake as another core inspiration behind the line.

“Because of all those chemical fertilisers, the vitamin content in our food has
dropped drastically, so the number of vitamins that we receive orally is quite small, meaning that the vitamins our skin receives are almost non-existent,” says Michelle, quoting a 2009 nutrient imbalance study.

“One of the things that really resonated with me is round about five years ago was a study that showed that less than 1% of our ingested vitamins reach the surface of our skin, so while we’re all taking our supplements, which is fantastic and I agree that we must supplement our diet, it’s not reaching the surface of our skin,” she said.Alpha-H

“Therefore, we’re seeing pigmentation, and a lot of skin issues not being addressed because it’s just not one size fits all any more. We understand, as a professional skincare brand, which has been going for over 27 years, the importance of vitamins that work with the skin and cellular molecular structures, so it’s not a multi-vitamin because when you target and formulate with a multi-vitamin you see a dilution of each item and not every one of those is compatible with one another.”

However, the formulation shouldn’t get all the credit. After winning bronze for Best New Design and Packaging at the Pure Beauty Awards in 2015, Alpha-H has continued their quest of innovation in leaps and bounds.

“I was told if I wanted the serums in a bigger bottle we’d need to add more preservatives, and I was firmly against that,” said Michelle.

“To get around this, we had to look at technology when it came to our packaging. The only way to keep preservative levels to a minimum was with the packaging, and its UV coating as well as its ability to regulate all vitamins and ensure a constantly correct formulation was what made this possible.”


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