The power of ‘YOU’

In the era of ‘support local’ and buying from small businesses, the person behind the logo has become just as important as the service they’re offering.

According to marketing expert Sheryl Reeta, where once people were keen to spend their money on a big-branded service provider, these days they want to know about the person that makes the wheels go round. “It can sound ironic, given that we live in a society where we text rather than speak, send a Facebook greeting rather than a birthday card, and mark anniversaries with a meme instead of clinking glasses in real life. But when it comes to spending our money, we have become far more interested in the who than the what,” says Sheryl. 

And when it comes to your salon, there are ways you can work this to your advantage

Put yourself front and centre 
Be the face of your salon. Be present in your social media posts, personally meet clients, and ensure that when they think of your salon, they think of you. “This can be a bit daunting, especially if you’re a behind-the-scenes kind of person,” says Sheryl. “But it pays to be visible. People want to know about you. We’re living in a time where we share our lives on social media and we feel like we’re best friends with people we may never meet. Your customers want to know about you – what do you do in your spare time? What’s your favourite treatment? Got any pets? Share what you’re comfortable with, and watch those relationships grow.”

Be an authority 
Sharing your story on social media is one thing, but being viewed as an authority is another. “If you have a PR agency you’re working with, that’s great. But most small salons don’t. And this is where you have to hustle. Email beauty editors and offer your services, whether they would like to review a treatment, or would like your opinion on why certain skin conditions arise and how to treat them. Having your name out there in the public area grows your fan base, as well as your credibility” says Sheryl.

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