More beauty salons should be harnessing the marketing power of before-and-after photos of clients

Do you use salon before-and-after photos of your clients on your social media feeds or in marketing materials? They might not be the prettiest images, but broadcasting just how effective a treatment you offer can be with indisputable, side-by-side visual evidence is a sure way to attract new clients.

Professional Beauty Solutions has created a new marketing showcase for its more than 2,000 partner salons, Client Transformation Journeys, because it noticed they weren’t being using in salon marketing material. To encourage salons to take up the practice, Professional Beauty Solutions is giving any partner salon who enters a salon before and after into its Client Transformation Journeys through 31 July 2021 the chance to win a Dermalux Flex LED device.

“Not only does it emphasize your credibility as a legitimate, results-driven salon but it also works to attract new customers, increase treatment bookings, boost sales and see profits soar.” explains Lisa Williams, General Manager of Professional Beauty Solutions.

“Not only does it help to boost sales, but it also creates a ‘real’ connection with followers as they are REAL results. Working to increase a business’s credibility, authenticity and trustworthiness – they also are proven to perform exceptionally well on social media, websites, blogs and more.” said Lisa.

Why should salons and beauty brands use before-and-after photos? What’s the benefit?

Using your own before-and-after images as part of your marketing strategy is crucial in attracting more customers and a great way to demonstrate the total transformation (what it used to be, to what it has become), all thanks to the treatments you offer and the products you sell.

Here’s why you should be sharing them:

  • Emphasises the power of the products you sell/services you offer
  • Helps boost your sales
  • Creates a true connection with followers as they are REAL results
  • Increases your social media presence and impact
  • Increases your credibility, authenticity and trustworthiness

What are the best practices when creating these side-by-side images?

  • Don’t forget to take the before shot
  • Ask your clients permission to use the image
  • Consider the background of the image (remove dirty mugs/floors, etc.) and use a specific wall in the salon to take all your shots (keep it simple, a plain background is best)
  • Make sure images are not too dark and lighting is the same in both shots
  • Tag your client and the brands used to spread the message to a wider audience
  • Don’t allow team members to post without authority from someone senior. Have a process for signing off on them and a pipeline with final approval from a single person to set them live online to avoid any legal issues or unhappy clients

What treatments work best for before-and-after shots?

Your own salon before-and-after photos are a powerful tool to show new and existing clients that you are credible and that you can achieve the results they are looking for. And before-and-after images are not limited to skincare treatments where you need to see a noticeable change in the skin’s appearance. They can extend to any service that you may be offering in your business, whether that be a makeup look, treating a specific skin concern or finding a desired spray tan shade. Customers can research your business and feel confident that you can offer a solution to their problem if they see visual evidence of it. It’s cliched but a picture really is worth a thousand words in this instance.

What channels work best for before and afters?

When a prospective client is on your website or social media page, they’ll always look for pictures as proof that you can do what they need, or at least to compare your work with others. Make sure you are proactive in taking your own salon before-and-after photos and share them across multiple channels, like

  • Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Website: Include a dedicated page to before-and-after images and client testimonials
  • Your blog: Write about a successful skincare journey or makeup transformation
  • Electronic direct mail: Share a before-and-after-based eDM with your client base to get them excited about your products and services

What sort of permissions do you need from clients before you do them?

Make sure you ask for your client’s permission before taking any photos, plus make sure you also get their permission to use these images for any marketing purposes, whether it be across your social pages, website or any marketing material.

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