Experiential marketing – where a product of service is marketed through experience – is becoming more important, and preferred, method of marketing among customers.
According to a recent study by Nielsen, 77 per cent of women said that a live demonstration or experience helped them to better understand, and therefore decide to purchase, a product.
With the Coronavirus set to throw us into a recession and see consumers become more careful about how and where they spend their money, experiential marketing is a tool that may prove extremely beneficial to your salon with regard to your products and services.
“Despite all the advances in technology and growth in online sales, consumers still seek out the human element,” says marketing expert Katrina McCarrther. “Real-life connections still count, and emotional connections will win no matter how much technology you have on your side.”

Invite your customers in
Once the restrictions are lifted, conduct group experiences, to show an intimate group of customers how a new piece of equipment, or treatment, works. Making it a relaxed event (think canapés and immunity-boost juices), will encourage customers to ask questions, become familiar, and be more likely to commit to trying the product or service. “Millennial and Generation Z customers are increasingly seeking out unique experiences that provide them with talking points with their friends,” says Katrina. “Given that Millennials and Generation Z will account for the majority of our customers in next decade, ignoring this trend could be disastrous for your small business.”

Don’t forget your social media
We’re talking about millennials and Generation Z here – they live and breathe their Instagram feed. This is where you’ll find them, and where you’ll make them excited about your experiential marketing efforts. Drum up interest via your social media platforms; create a waiting list of customers to attend upcoming experiences, and plan them regularly.

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