Marketing mistakes to avoid

With that in mind, here are some of the mistakers to avoid in marketing – and you can do it yourself.

Don’t lose your purpose
If you opened your salon to offer the very best in hair removal, you need to remind yourself of this, says marketing expert, Rochelle Carter “It can be easy to use your social media platforms to express your political beliefs, self-help memes, and the like. And that’s all well and good, but not if you lose sight of what your business actually is. Make it your primary focus to remind your audience that your salon is the best at what it does.”

Love your regulars
It’s a common misconception that a business will only survive so long as it’s bringing in new clients. But, according to Rochelle, it takes five times more effort too attract a new customer than it does to retain an exisiting one. “When you convert someone from a prospective customer to an actual one, you need to nurture and maintain that relationship,” says Rochelle. “The hard work is convincing someone to try your salon. Once they’re in, you need to keep them coming back. Send them offers, add them to a loyalty programme, give them the best service they could ever want. In turn, they’ll be the ones that bring you new clients.”

Add value
You may offer competitive prices for a great service, sure. But this generation of clients want more for their loyalty. And if you won’t give it to them, they’ll find someone that does. “Consider online tutorials for customers on how they can look after their skin, eyelashes, brows, make-up, whatever it is, at home,” says Rochelle. “Customers no longer simply attach value to the product or treatment they pay for; they attach it to a ‘feeling’. If you can make them feel special, important and informed, you’re on the right track.”

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