If you’re a salon owner, chances are you read a lot of media about the latest treatments or products on the market. And so then chances are that you’ve noticed other salon owners being quoted in those articles as the experts in their field. But why not you?

Reach out to beauty editors 
This is by far the simplest and possibly most effective method of getting noticed. “Speaking to beauty editors and getting in their radar is a quick-fire way to establish yourself as a go-to,” says Professional Beauty editor, Anita Quade. “Outline your areas of expertise, such as waxing or fraxel, and assure them that you’re available whenever they need comment. Even better, pitch the story idea to them. Beauty editors are busy, and so giving them a complete idea is always going to be helpful.”

Have your suppliers put in a good word
If you stock a certain product, you’re important to the supplier of that product. “Speak to your suppliers and discuss having the marketing team refer to you in their marketing material,” says business expert Charlotte Frances. “Suppliers tend to carry a lot of weight with beauty publications because of their advertising commitments. Putting you forward as a user of those products, for an example, a make-up artist that uses their brand, gives the beauty editor a more rounded way to present the product on the page. It always carries more weight if a professional – you – explains ho they use it.”

Invite the media to you
The best way to be invited to comment int he media, is to do the inviting first. Invite beauty editors to your salon for a treatment.” Ensure you’re there to meet them, and have a press release ready, complete with your personal profile and imagery. “Putting a face to a name is always more beneficial, and knowing that you do a great job and are easy to get along with will also place you at top of mind next time they need a comment from an industry expert,” says Charlotte.

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