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One of the biggest questions for salons wanting to build a tech-powered beauty business is the cost of acquisition. Chloe Machin who launched I Am Beauty Body Studio in 2020, has had to navigate uncharted economic territory impacted by closures and uncertainty. As a business owner who has had to make hard-and-fast decisions on the right technologies and pricing structures for optimal returns, she gave us her top tips.

PB: How important is finding the right beauty technology for your business, and how have you decided on what to range?

“For us, the concept and positioning of the business lay in specialised, forward-thinking aesthetic innovation so it was paramount to align with leading beauty technology partners. We needed the best beauty technology specialists – but as a small, start-up business we also wanted to ensure we had the best possible ongoing clinical and educational support for staff from our brand partners.

I resonate strongly with the notion that knowledge is power, and so while it was a priority to seek out hi-tech treatments and systems we also wanted to work with a technology partner that was equally as passionate about enriching the business owners and staff with knowledge.

2020 was a defining moment for beauty technology and along with the many adjustments and pivots the beauty industry has had to make, personalisation has been one of the most crucial areas of development for business owners.

Our main treatment modality and offering at I Am Beauty Body Studio, is based on a completely bespoke treatment – as such it was paramount that our technology system catered to the desire of individual customisation.

Not only are we passionate about providing our clients with state-of-the-art treatments, but our personal and business integrity rests upon knowing that the capability of the treatment systems are effective. I personally trial all technology systems before committing – an admittedly luxurious and unconventional approach to market research! However, it has become an instrumental element in shortlisting our technology range and treatment offerings.”

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