The Healthy Chef has amped up their usual beauty collagen to create a limited edition, and it’s jam-packed with the good stuff.

A combination of wild-caught marine collagen, pure vitamin C, zinc, B5 and turmeric, the powder dissolves into cold liquids for a fresh, orange-flavoured beverage. Note, adding the Beauty Collagen to hot liquids isn’t recommended as it can potentially compromise the integrity go the additional ingredients.

“I designed Healthy Chef Beauty Collagen as a rejuvenating and nourishing product for skin health,” says founder Teresa Cutter. “Widespread pollution and stressful lifestyles require health-aligned skincare solutions targeted to specific concerns. Here at The Healthy Chef, we are always innovating and evolving; with health, wellness and purity as our core drivers.”

The Healthy Chef’s new Limited Edition Beauty Collagen features extra ingredients for a bigger result.


According to Teresa, the additional ingredients are what make her limited edition Beauty Collagen extra-effective. Vitamin C offers protection from free radical damage and promotes radiant skin, while vitamin B5 helps to reduce the appearance of tiredness and fatigue. Zinc promotes healthy skin structure, and turmeric reduces irritation and blemishes, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits. The powder – available to be stocked at clinics and salons – reinforces the skin’s natural process of renewing itself.

“Collagen is the key component for radiant, healthy, glowing skin,” says Teresa. “As we age, our natural reserves of collagen are gradually depleted, resulting in a noticeable lack of skin firmness and hydration. Research shows the wonderful benefits of collagen supplementation on skin properties, including hydration, elasticity, reduction of wrinkles, and visible signs of ageing.”

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