If your clients are still waiting for a call back from you to confirm an appointment, they’re waiting too long. 

Square Appointments is an online booking system that accepts appointments and payments 24 hours a day — making it convenient for businesses and their customers, and as of today, the app is being rolled out to Australian salons.

“Gone are the days when customers were willing to wait for a callback from businesses or only schedule their personal appointments during business hours,” said Chris Rich, Customer Success Lead for Square Australia. “We now live in a digital age where businesses are expected to be available 24/7 to keep their customers happy. That’s why we are excited to bring Square Appointments to Aussie businesses, enabling them to provide the support their customers expect while saving them valuable time.”

The industry-specific software enables scheduling operations to run seamlessly from the front to back of house. Businesses can run everything on the go straight from the app, from managing bookings and editing customer profiles, to accepting new appointments instantly and completing payments anywhere they are.

But scheduling appointments isn’t Square’s only superpower. It also helps you manage your social media marketing by integrating with Instagram and Google, allowing business owners to grow awareness of their business and acquire new customers.

Square Appointments will work hand-in-hand with the brand’s growing folio of products and services available in Australia, including Square’s mobile payments reader, online store, team management, and loyalty program.


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