While Professional Beauty magazine has been at the forefront of the B2B beauty industry for 25 years, 2020 has seen the brand feature a whole new focus of content: guiding salons and suppliers through the Coronavirus pandemic.

From the first inkling back in February that the Coronavirus might have an effect on Australian beauty businesses, Professional Beauty has been consistently bringing its audience the news that matters: government assistance, rent relief, managing your and your staff’s well-being, identifying new marketing techniques, moving your business to an online model, the list goes on.

With confirmation from clients and readers that the content is as relevant as it is helpful, Professional Beauty has moved to create an online hub within its website, whereby all visitors to www.professionalbeauty.com.au can find all of the brand’s Coronavirus-related content in the one, convenient space.

Utilising the hashtag #BEAUTYSTRONG, all content is easily searchable, and promises to become the industry’s go-to for everything related to the impact the Coronavirus has had on the Australian beauty industry.

#BEAUTYSTRONG is a natural extension of the industry-relevant, Coronavirus-focused content that beauty businesses are relying on Professional Beauty to deliver,” says Glenn Silburn, publisher of Professional Beauty. “Our audience trusts that we are at the forefront of developments and are able to relay to them, not only the impact that the pandemic is having on our industry, but that we will be able to guide them back to a place of success once the restrictions are lifted.”

With a host of authorities, including HR, finance, marketing, digital and sales experts, #BEAUTYSTRONG is reliable, up-to-date, and speaks directly to the evolving concerns facing the beauty industry as the pandemic unfolds.

In addition, the #BEAUTYSTRONG hub offers a unique opportunity for advertisers. “Given that the hub will be a trusted go-to for salon owners and beauty workers that are actively looking for the newest and most reliable information, it also offers advertisers a sure-fire way to reach them,” says Glenn. “This is the time to be reaching out to your market – when they are most receptive to new information and developments that will improve their business.”


Visit the #BEAUTYSTRONG hub at www.professionalbeauty.com.au/beautystrong/


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