It’s no secret that men’s skincare is having something of a moment. And by moment, we mean that it’s not looking like slowing down any time soon. In fact, according to Allied Market Research, the value of the men’s personal care market is expected to reach $166 billion by 2022, which will see a compound annual growth rate of 5.4 per cent from 2016.

With that in mind, Bernadette and Paul Borg set out to create skincare line, THE SKILLS. Launching onto men’s grooming site The Mistr, THE SKILLS aims to big up – not water down – the benefits of men looking after their skin.

“THE SKILLS came out of battling my own skin issues but not having a line up of my own,” says founder Paul Borg. “I used my wife’s skincare. I loved these products, they gave me results but they weren’t mine and if I wanted to repurchase them I would have to walk into a clinic. After two years of hard work, THE SKILLS came to life and in a short period of time I guess we’ve carved a spot in men’s grooming that’s elevated but produces results. We wanted to talk to him in all facets of our brand, so when our products sat on shelf they told a story, his story, We knew execution was key in both our products and brand identifiers, so we worked hard to get that message across.”

The SKILLSET combines the hero products.

With the hero products – Anti-Ageing Foaming Face Wash, Auto Correct Facial Serum and Detox Day Face Mask – incorporating the likes of retinol, peptides, lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C and collagen, this is skincare that packs a punch, for the gent that is keen to invest in his skincare regimen.

“When we defined THE SKILLS, we outlined behaviours characteristic of raw talent or a skill obtained through persistence and work. You’ve put in work, you understand the hustle, you see the future and aspire to be learning daily,” says Bernadette. “We knew every product had to have a purpose in [men’s] lifestyle. It had to show results. We weren’t going to trade one product’s efficacy for another, the aim was to never miss and provide [men] with a set of back to back wins. THE SKILLS takes men’s grooming from basic to A SKILL SET, with the aim to have a group of anti-aging products all to yourself, I mean you work hard enough so let’s look after assets that are so high performing.”

Available to be stocked in clinics and salons, Bernadette says the brand is working on expansion. “THE SKILLS is an evolving collection of skin treatments positioned for the function of every day use. Developed by a multi-disciplinary team of formulators, creative directors and visionary experts, THE SKILLS is well supported with the highest quality active ingredients, wrapped in a design, worthy of a skilful display.”

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