DMK’s Daniel Dickson, HÜD Skin + Body’s Gry Tømte, Professional Beauty Solutions’ Matt Williams, Angel Touch Skin Boutique’s Rebecca Daniel, Dermalogica’s Suzette Cassie, The Paddington Beauty Room’s Anna Field, Derma Aesthetics’ Reika Roberts and Skinside Out’s Robyn McAlpine.

Industry Roundtable: Beauty Experts Discuss Business Support

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Tips for attracting new clients

Question: Attracting new clients was identified as the number one challenge for salon owners in the 2016 Professional Beauty industry survey. Outline any recommendations by suppliers that have proven successful in winning new business for salons. LEARNING – MORE CUSTOMERS DOES NOT EQUAL MORE BUSINESS Here our thought leaders discuss what measures they have taken […]

How important is a marketing plan?

Question: How important is it for a salon to design and implement a marketing plan? Which marketing elements are absolutely crucial for inclusion? LEARNING – A MARKETING PLAN IS ESSENTIAL Our participants discusses the importance of social media, website optimisation, email marketing, in-salon promotions and much more. The votes were unanimous, that yes, EVERYONE needs […]

How to drive retail sales

Question: Outline any key strategies that have proven effective in driving retail sales. LEARNING – WE NEED TO RETHINK OUR DEFINITION OF SELLING Our leaders said we need to rethink our definition of selling. Suzette said it was important to focus on customer engagement, while Gry said she preferred to refer to selling as ‘prescribing’. […]

Why education is crucial

Question: What training insights and methods are best supporting salons? Provide examples of the resultant transformation following their implementation? LEARNING –  EDUCATION IS PARAMOUNT. Our participants discussed the importance of ongoing education in a salon. Reika stressed the importance of  webinars for those that live outside of the big cities, while Daniel said DMK had […]

Should suppliers offer financial support to salons?

Question: What role can a supplier play in offering financial guidance and support to salon owner? LEARNING –  NURTURE AN HONEST, OPEN RELATIONSHIP WITH OPEN LINES OF COMMUNICATION. Rebecca said it can take just one key learning to make a difference, while Anna stressed the importance of hiring a good accountant. Robyn said salons and […]

How is technology beneficial?

Question: What technological advancements have improved deficiencies in salons in recent years? LEARNING – TECHNOLOGY SAVES TIME AND DRIVES RETENTION. Self-confessed IT geek Anna said she loves technology and it’s given her the chance to work more on the things that make a difference to her business. Gry’s staff use an iPad for salon notes, […]

The BEST business advice

Question: As a professional in the beauty industry, what is the single best piece of business advice that’s been shared with you throughout your career? LEARNING – ALWAYS SEEK ADVICE AND GUIDANCE. Everyone had some great advice to share. Gry said having the knowledge that everyone is replaceable had been liberating, while Anna said understanding cash-flow […]

Meet our Industry Roundtable suppliers

Get up close and personal with our four suppliers – DMK’s Daniel Dickson, Professional Beauty Solutions’ Matt Williams, Dermalogica’s Suzette Cassie and Derma Aesthetics’ Reika Roberts – by watching their profiles below.   Daniel Dickson –  CEO Australia and New Zealand DMK   Matt Williams – Managing Director Professional Beauty Solutions   Suzette Cassie  – […]

Meet our Industry Roundtable Salon Owners

Get up close and personal with our four salon owners – HÜD Skin + Body’s Gry Tømte, Angel Touch Skin Boutique’s Rebecca Daniel, The Paddington Beauty Room’s Anna Field and Skinside Out’s Robyn McAlpine – by watching their profiles below.   HÜD Skin + Body’s Gry Tømte   Angel Touch Skin Boutique’s Rebecca Daniel   The Paddington […]