We’ve got a coconut crush!

Pure Fiji’s Coconut Crush Scrub is a decadent coconut crème scrub infused with pineapple enzymes and earth friendly crushed coconut shells for a smoother exfoliation. Crushed-up coconut shells gently buff away dry skin cells and unclog pores to rejuvenate your skin while the vitamin rich coconut crème with exotic drift nut oils (virgin coconut oil, dilo, macadamia and sikeci) deeply moisturise and nourish – leaving skin smooth, hydrated, glowing and smelling delicious!

Sulphate free and rich in antioxidants to; brighten, soften, energize, protect and smooth your skin for a more youthful you. The finest quality plant oils and extracts are utilised to create our blends; Coconut, Coconut Lime Blossom, Guava or Mango. Exfoliate, polish and nourish skin with this South Pacific beauty secret.

Pure Fiji Australia (Distributed by Professional Beauty Solutions)
Phone: 1800 625 387
Website: au.purefiji.com

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