Wave your magic wand for the perfect finish

Who doesn’t want to deliver the perfect lash and brow service?

These quality wands are the perfect tool to lift and separate your client’s lashes or groom the perfect brow shape without the expense!

A great service comes down to your tools. The Barneys Disposable Mascara Wand is a hygienic approach for your client and perfect for the application of mascara. Its spiral brush is made up of quality thick nylon brushes and its tapered cone shape ensures all lashes are coated. Give your client the boost and length they need for lashes that wow!

Alternatively, you can shape those brows into perfection and throw away the brush when finished. The soft brushes ensure a pleasant experience with controlled precision.

Discover a convenient and hygienic tool to achieve the perfect lash and brow service. All part of the Barneys hygienic   disposable range. Call 1800 676 522 or head to https://barneyssalonsupplies.com.au/products/disposable-mascara-wands-100


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