Purify and Nourish IN JUST 6 STEPS!

Premium facial care services just got easier with this pearly little number!

It’s time to get some nourishment back in to your clients’ face with all the benefits of Pearl, rice and honey extracts.

Reveal best skin instantly with this high-tech formulated Pearl mask. Combining modeling gel and collagen powder to deliver a premium anti-aging treatment. This fabulous number aides in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, whilst rejuvenating dull and dehydrated skin to reveal skin that is dewy and radiant, all in just 30 minutes! And to top it off, these wonderful treatments are paraben-free and cruelty-free!


How to Use:
Step 1: Prep
Cleanse and tone skin before applying treatment

Step 2: Stir & Mix
Empty 1st Step Modeling Gel sachet and 2nd Step Collagen Powder into a mixing bowl. Mix for 30 seconds using spatula.

Step 3: Application
Using spatula, apply modeling mask over the face almost immediately upon mixing. Ensure to avoid eyes and lips.

Step 4: Shimmer and glimmer time!
Allow modeling mask to activated over 20-30 minutes until the mask feels fully set.

Step 5: Peel and reveal
Remove mask in an upward motion in one piece. No rinsing is required.

Step 6: Glow on!
Follow treatment with a preferred facial serum and/or moisturiser, so your client can glow on!

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