VOESH® Phyto Collagen Socks

Make 2019 the time to reinvent your pedicure service with a spa treatment taking the world by storm.

VOESH® Phyto Collagen Socks offer an intensive collagen treatment, preloaded with Peppermint and Phyto Collagen rich emulsion for an intense moisturising result. Great for softening calluses and rough skin.

It’s a single use easy application treatment in one compact sachet. VOESH® Phyto Collagen Socks offer perforated lines at the toes, so you can perform a nail service during treatment. Made with a micro thin dual layered material, these little wonders protect up to 98.8% of UV rays.

Reveal your client’s best skin instantly with enriched macadamia and herb extracts which immediately soothe skin, soften its appearance and offers a cooling sensation. Save time and increase salon profits as you offer two salon services in one booking.


For a great service treatment:

Step 1: Cleanse and apply
Cleanse feet then slide socks on carefully. Leave 5-10 minutes.

Step 2: Prepare
Tear off sock tips along pre-cut lines to reveal toes.

Step 3: Prepare nails
Attend to nail service as per client request.

Step 4: Apply and dry
Apply nail colour and allow to dry completely.

Step 5: Peel and reveal
Remove socks by inverting onto your own hands for easy reveal. Massage excess treatment into feet.

Discover different with VOESH®. All part of the new spa range available exclusively from Barneys Salon Supplies.
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