Vitamin A for Sensitive Skin!

O Cosmedics Retinoic Oil, Direct Acting Vitamin A, offers next generation anti-aging, low irritation and effective, active delivery of Vitamin A.

A daily must have, Retinoic Oil contains a Direct Acting Retinoid. This dermatologically tested ingredient processes innate retinoic activity, binding directly with the retinoid receptors without the need for metabolic breakdown in turn offering less irritation potential than direct retinol, providing a gentle, safe and effective anti-aging retinoid.

Retinoic Oil’s advanced formulation helps renew skin plumpness, elasticity and hydration to provide a radiant and fresh appearance. Moreover, it stimulates skin cell proliferation restoring thickness to skin that has become thinner over time helping fill in lines and wrinkles to give a youthful appearance, while safeguarding skin from further wrinkle development. The same process also improves overall skin clarity and enhances appearance for a healthier complexion.

Perfect for skin’s previously unable to use Vitamin A, Retinoic Oil improves dark spots and skin imperfections for a more even skin tone as a result of the retinoid’s promotion of skin cell-sloughing and a slowing effect on melanin production, which gives a brighter and more luminous appearance to skin. In addition, it decreases the effects of UV induced skin damage and helps clear acne related symptoms.

How to Use: On clean, dry skin (after regular serums) use a quarter to half a pump (if treating neck and décolletage), apply to face, neck and décolletage. Massage until fully absorbed and then follow with O Cosmedics hydrator.

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