The Australasian Academy of Corneotherapy has been established to provide cutting edge Corneotherapy and skin education to all skin therapists, with the aim of advancing the level of in-depth skin health knowledge amongst the local industry in Australia and New Zealand.

Throughout 2020, the AAC has held a series of Skin Extension Education Classes, recently moving from the physical classroom to virtual events in the current COVID-19 climate. The AAC is holding its last for the year on Monday the 17th of August. Book now to reserve your spot! 

“The AAC Skin Extension Education classes have been designed to deliver comprehensive education on some of the most important and complex subjects and skin conditions. Plus, there will also be time for Q&A and further learning from your peers and educator during the day,” said Simone Vescio, the Founder of the Australasian Academy of Corneotherapy.

Topics covered in each class include:

  • Corneotherapeutic principles.
  • Embryonic development; what’s involved in the embryonic development, including the embryonic stem cells, neural crest, central nervous system and how the development before we are born affects our skin.
  • Perioral dermatitis; the inflammatory skin disorder and histamine as a leading cause. We will also look at the leading causes of perioral dermatitis and common considerations for this difficult skin condition.
  • Skin microbiome; why it is so important to the health and function of our skin and what factors can affect our skin’s microbiome. We will also take a closer look at the microbiota that is commonly linked to acne.
  • Melanogenesis; from UV & hormonally induced, to post inflammatory pigmentation. In this session we will look at the cause and effect on our skin.
  • Sunscreen; chemical verses physical (a hot topic). This workshop will help to debunk the myths and confusion around which option is more appropriate.

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